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As a conclusion to the Skin Deep series, I ask myself how the laws of beauty will change in the next ten years. Technology is the force in which the world is driven. It is only a matter of time until there are treatments we can get that change the hue of your skin to appear more smooth and that will be painless as compared to laser treatments we have today. I recently asked my coworker how often she wears make up after noticing she did not wear make up to work. Ms. Brittani Perry noted that she likes to wear makeup when attending church services. My next question or hypothesis rather was maybe she is wearing make up to appear as her best self when she is acknowledging the leader of her beliefs. This far more a deeper meaning in wearing makeup, but we all have our prerogative. As someone true to themselves Brittani finds away to be spiritually grounded and embrace her truest self.


Why Knowing Your Own Skin Is So Important

IMG_3059The layer of skin in which you carry on your body is the shield and protector from all harmful aspects of the earth. Whether you are being protected from UV Rays, harmful chemicals, weather changes, and environmental causes, or creatures of the planet, your skin is the first place to meet for battle. Seeing a dermatologist is not a physician all make appointments with, even if it means to get an annual checkup.You need to check for things like skin cancer, rashes, and other conditions that may be common due to
the region in which you live. A harsh skin condition can go from being looked over to being almost completely unbearable. I myself am studying to become a physician specifically a dermatologist. Although I am only in the beginning stages of being a doctor, I have wanted to be a dermatologist for most of my life subconsciously. At the age of 2 years old I was diagnosed with eczema, and little did I know it would start a chain reaction of other diagnosis I would face in the future. When I was 23 I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis.There are several misconstrued thoughts when it comes to the importance of skin. It is a serious matter if you have either of the skin condition I have listed because it can lead to being hospitalized. The importance of seeing a dermatologist is important because they are in fact specialist. I currently work for a major hospital in Louisiana, and in the past year I have learned that specialists are very important because they learn vital information in their residency in order to treat very centralized conditions. The bottom line is, don’t take you skin for granted.

Skin Deep |4|

Looking at yourself in the mirror , is something we do every single day. About 6 years ago I decided to go make up free, and eleven years ago I decided to be natural in all aspects. I get questions everyday on why I don’t wear make up and the answer is simple: I just don’t need to. Now one make ask that is particularly vain, why don’t you need make up when the rest of us do? I think wearing make up is a personal choice and is skin deep. You have to truly be in touch with who you are a person to not want to use artificial enhancers to alter who you are in anyway. The real question is “Why wear make up at all when we were all born in a natural state?”





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Here is the story of a secret product that keeps your skin so clear and ….. full of “healthy make up”? Laura Mercier is one of the pioneers in tinted moisturizer, her product is great for hiding a blemish , but still having the appearance of wearing no make up. Women have been using natural herbs and of course now very expensive products in painting their face to enhance their looks. The make up industry pulls in billions of dollars every year for the simple face that women want to feel desired by their counter part or they are simply competing with other women. In recent time, the best way to stand out is not to wear make up at all, but to be depicted as a natural beauty. In being a natural beauty , you are giving off an aura of being more authentic. It is only “natural” for make up companies to join this bandwagon by creating translucent products. Bare Mineral is one of the best selling allusions out there when it comes to make up because of their color match powders that are so light, you can hardly tell one is wearing anything at all! 1_1_8_1_3002190

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Demi Lovato has been the subject of a lot of controversy this past year. Several factors can affect your skin. Drug use, diet, stress, genetics, and of course environment. The best way to cleanse the soul can come with first cleansing your skin and waking up every day being your truest self.

Lovato is another celebrity who has embodied the life style of being a natural beauty. She has implemented exercise as well into her new routine. So you make ask how can someone go from putting so much make up on their face for an entire decade to wearing hardly any make up at all and having clear skin? One could say an exponential income can certainly help in this journey. Laser treatment has been opened to the general public , but is like going to the dentist for celebrities. This is not a negative exercise , in fact laser treatment can allow the skin to rejuvenate itself and be born again. There are no reports of Lovato getting treatments, but her skin does look like the face of a born again woman waiting to take on the world. Demi-Lovato--Makeup-Selfies

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There are several beautiful celebrities in today’s generation that are strikingly beautiful. Many of these celebrities are wearing either minimal make up or glam make up. Whether the celebrity is on the big screen or on You Tube, they share their secrets on what they do for their everyday routine or what their make up artists are using. In recent time several stars like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner have released successful make up companies. In hindsight there are entertainers like Alicia Keys who have started a campaign against make up and are now living a make up free life style. One has to wonder when there are make up free make up tutorials and remarkable products like Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizers which are sold at numerous retailers : Are these celebrities really make up free? Or is this a new Hollywood Trend?1*OpfZynNS8sHxX6Ztj6bIPQ

Spotlight|Dermatology| : Tea With MD


So recently I have put aside Youtube and have started reading more blogs. I have fell in love with a few new up and coming dermatology residents. If you have been reading this blog for years you will see that I’ve gone from wanting to be a fashion designer to wanting to be a doctor. I think doctors could be superheroes. I have had the same dermatologist Dr. Terezakis since I was two years old and I have always looked up to her work ethic and the branding she has built for herself.

   Tea With MD is a blog by a New York resident named Joyce. She has become an inspiration to me because I feel like I can relate to her. She chose to do dermatology very late in the game. If you are unfamiliar with medical residency, you have to be matched for the specific concentration you want to go into. Dermatology is one of the hardest concentrations to go into because it is very competitive. Joyce chose to go into dermatology in her fourth year. You need to do a lot of research as well as interning so that you have experience in the field you want to get into , so she had several hurdles before being matched but she didn’t give up and that is what is so an aspiring. I am 25 and to some I am ancient as someone who wants to become a doctor since I am still in undergrad , but I have learned to go with the punches and still fulfill my dream. I think often we are so hard on our self and we don’t even realize we are our biggest enemy. Joyce states in a few of her blog posts on her road to residency as being dark days where she completely questioned her intelligence and drive which can happen to anyone on the road to a rigorous career. I have had several setbacks in school and I know I will have several challenges, ahead but as a more mature human being I have learned to adapt. Adapting to life itself is so essential to good health.

You can find Joyce’s blog here: