A look at Misty Day’s look in Episode 8 American Horror Story : Coven x Free People

photo (96)

In the last episode of American Horror Story : Coven , “The Sacred Taking”, Lily Rabe’s character Misty Day seeks help from the coven. Day believes she is being hunted by someone after they invaded her home in the swamps of Louisiana. Misty brings along Myrtle Snow ( Frances Conroy) and they take refuge at the coven where they are greeted by Cordelia played by Sarah Paulson. After a failed attempt to lead Fiona to her own death, the women are forced to work together due to a mysterious witch hunter murdering their next door neighbor. I won’t reveal the witch hunter since many people have not yet seen the show! I have prepared an everyday look that incorporated Misty Day’s night-gown featured on last week’s episode. Make sure to tune into American Horror Story : Coven tonight only on FX 9/10 p.m.

And remember to check out Free People in New Orleans!

photo 1 (15)

photo 2 (13)

The first photo is how the slip appeared on the show worn by Misty Day. The second photo is the Lucy Button Front Maxi Slip which is available now on http://www.freepeople.com

I will now show the reader how to create a casual look for the maxi even though it is versatile and can also be dressy. Now that it is winter, I have put together an outfit that could be worn right now depending on how cold it is in your city.

  •     In photo one are under garments/ accessories :

photo 3 (3)

A necklace or a hat are items that could really tie a simple look together! Shown here is a great statement piece known as the Remi Super Fringe Statement piece. It not only flares out on your chest which is cool , but it is also a great color, so it can be worn with several different things! I personally love hats and this one happens to be my favorite! The Novelty Band Brimmed Hat is great for the winter season , but also can be worn in the summer at festivals or other fun gatherings. I also have a love for thigh high and knee socks , so it is no surprise I have chosen to go with the Ingle Tall Sock(mink). I think everyone should have a few pair of patterned socks in their wardrobe whether they are a neutral color as seen above or several different colors. Camisoles are essential during the winter season or any season really because they are great for a cool layering look or they simply keep you warmer. The Rise and Shine Cami(blackberry) is great for this purpose!

photo (95)

  • In photo two are the essentials that tie everything together

The Cross My Heart Cami (snow) , is another camisole but it can be worn alone and still look great! It is embroidered with a diagonal design which helps it stand out. The FP Cord Super Flares(midnight) are awesome! Free People is known for their flares but this color seems to really stand out! And last but not least I chose to top off the look with the Hybrid Heel Boots. Not only are they a great color that will go with anything but they look great on. Our store manager here at the Free People New Orleans store wore them just last week at our Christmas party! They in fact looked amazing on her. 🙂

Thanks you for reading! New Post Next Wednesday 1/10/14!


2 thoughts on “A look at Misty Day’s look in Episode 8 American Horror Story : Coven x Free People

  1. Hello, I love your blog. I am a huge fan of AHS Coven and I saw your post about Free People clothing being used on the show, and with that said I wanted to see if the black flutter sleeve dress Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) wears in 3×11 in the bathroom while plucking her eyebrows is Free People? I can’t get this dress out of my mind. I’ll try to post a photo below. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Courtney I replied to this months ago , but there must have been a glitch when I sent out the comment , so I apologize! But that particular item was not a Free People item! I searched for the look you were referring to for a couple of hours actually :/
    I will have some new posts up in the next month so please keep reading!


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