American Horror Story : Coven x Free People New Orleans |A style guide|

For the last few months , Free People New Orleans has worked with some of the best stylists in the entertainment business. American Horror Story: Coven is an original FX series written by Ryan Murphy and produced by Brad Falchuk. Both Murphy and Falchuk are also known for Glee and Nip Tuck. The show has a star-studded cast that includes: Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sadibe,Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga, and so many more. The synopsis of American Horror Story :Coven , focuses on a group of young witches who together learn from each other during dark times within their group. The coven began when descendants of Salem over three hundred years ago migrated to New Orleans creating the school “Miss Robichaux’s Academy”. The name Robichaux is very common within New Orleans culture, though it is spelled differently in a few instances.The academy is only 2 minutes away from Free People New Orleans! The show covers so many accurate interpretations of a city I call home. Many people in the city of New Orleans were so excited to find out that this season would be filmed in their city. Our culture is often portrayed as a southern city at the edge of the Mississippi River where people have an interesting accent and world renowned cuisine, but we represent so much more! The show allows locals to feel as though they’ve taken a step back in time.  Whether the show is filmed in uptown New Orleans or the swamps right outside of the city, each scene is carefully depicted without being overdone. I encourage everyone to keep tuning in until this season is complete, I have a feeling the ending will be grand.

One of the most important elements in any television show is its wardrobe, and that is where Free People New Orleans comes in! Free People New Orleans is a fairly new addition to the wonderful company we all know . The store is located in the heart of New Orleans on Magazine street. Magazine street is known for its fashion as well as restaurants. Free People is no different when it comes to its staple in American fashion represented on this famous New Orleans street. A brief history of the company includes a walk down memory lane. Free People was created in the 1970s by Dick Hayne who is also the founder of the Urban Outfitters corporation. The setting of each store is mostly very intimate and is made to feel like a boutique. The store in New Orleans is quite small , but filled with so many wonderful items fit for any personality. Each piece captures an essence of time when people were more free-spirited and social media was not the topic of discussion. As a stylist at Free People New Orleans, I have entered a family of women who have a love for fashion and life. The moment we were introduced to the stylists of American Horror Story : Coven, we built a relationship with each of them. They are some of the nicest people we have ever worked with in the store. Many of the stylists visit our store a few times a week picking items for upcoming episodes which is always very exciting! I have had several of my friends as well as customers ask me where some of the wardrobe comes from and I was more than happy to tell them “From my store, Free People , of course!” I am not sure if it is the time our company was created or our New Orleanian twist on Free People style , but I am sure that both the  elements of the show and our store have a symbiotic relationship. Free People New Orleans is proud to help capture the story of this amazing season of American Horror Story. In the photos below I have taken stills from episodes 1- 7 to show a few pieces created by Free People worn on the show. Each item was purchased at our store, but are available online and of course in your local Free People store. I encourage everyone to create a FP<3 me account on the Free people website! Upload a photo of your American Horror Story : Coven style and see how others are creating their own looks!

photo 1 (13)

  •       In the first photo the character Alicia Spencer played by Mare Winningham is wearing the We The Free Little League Tee (denim combo).
  • The second photo is wonderful because it includes Free People New Orleans’ assistant manager. Introducing Josette Barchilon , An American actress originally from New York who now lives in New Orleans. She is wearing the We The Free Kyoto Thermal (mulberry). |best seller in our Free People New Orleans store|.
  • In the last photo the character Madison Montgomery played by Emma Roberts is wearing the Clipperton Fedora.

photo 1 (14)

In the photo below Victoria is wearing the We The Free Little League Tee in the ivory combo. This is just another example of how to wear this look from one of our top stylist at Free People New Orleans. Here is a link to her FP ❤ me account in you are interested in her style! :

Here is a head shot of the gorgeous Josette!

photo (91)

photo 2 (11)

  • In the first photo the character Misty Day played by Lily Rabe is wearing the Shipwreck dress. (brick combo)
  • The second photo features the Geo Fringe Hooded Cardigan worn by Madison Montgomery played by Emma Roberts (black/white) Fun fact : I once helped Roberts pick out a pair of our tiny cluster sets |6 studs|!
  • In the last photo Misty Day played by Lily Rabe is wearing the FP One Battenburg Bralette (forest).

Josette is here wearing the Shipwreck dress , which makes for a great Halloween costume too!

photo 2 (12)

Make sure if you are every in New Orleans to visit Free People New Orleans ! And remember to tune into American Horror Story:  Coven Wednesdays on FX 10 pm.



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3 thoughts on “American Horror Story : Coven x Free People New Orleans |A style guide|

  1. Would you happen to know the origin/name of the blue fringe shawl-kimono that Misty is wearing in the episode where she meets Stevie Nicks? Is it Free People, by any chance? In love with it…

    1. Hello Julia!

      I apologize for just responding to your comment! Unfortunately the beautiful ombre kimono worn by Misty Day in episode 10 is not a product of Free People! The good news is that at Free People we are known for our shawls and kimonos , so you may find another piece you fall in love with. Here are a few links :
      also :

      If you want one more place to look Urban Outfitters which is apart of the Free People family also has great choices!
      link :

      I hope I have been of some help 🙂

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