Admiring a stylist : Sea of Shoes |Jane Aldridge|


Fashion has always been my number one passion. I remember when I was little going through my mom’s closet and trying on all her clothes that were obviously way to big for me. Aldridge has written in many candid interviews that her true inspiration for style is her mother. When a young girl has a mother who is confident in her own skin and is able to exude such great style, those memories will stick with you forever. I admire Aldrige’s style because it is timeless but also classic with present time. She mixes luxury fabrics and extraneous patterns to create a style of her own which in itself is very beautiful. In the photo above she is wearing FREE PEOPLE, one of my favorite name brands and companies and it only proves despite her glamourous lifestyle she is able to relax in affordable jeans just like any other girl. Jane Aldridge has blogged for quite awhile with her blog Sea of Shoes. Every girl loves shoes even if you enjoy handbags more.Jane’s specialty is in shoes and that is how she is able to bring every outfit of choosing together. One key component of styling is to find your special ingredient in making any look your signature. It may come with maturity , but eventually you will find the style that will help you stand apart from everyone else.

Remember to always be yourself whether you are a minimalist or eccentric 🙂


A photo of Jane and her mother Judy Aldridge.


Photos by : Sea of Shoes, and Sea of Shoes on instagram.


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