MAC + LIME |Art Market : Zeitgeist



Over the weekend, I attended the MAC + LIME event at Zeitgeist in New Orleans. Both McNally Sislo and Caroline Malouse were welcoming with open hugs and smiles to greet me. The girls have been making the flower crowns for a few weeks now and were now ready to sell there products. Sislo is a friend of mine from high school (NOCCA) where she studied stage design and has experience in crafts. She has just moved back from New York , where she studied design technology with a concentration in scenic design. She is now a florist and sign artisan at Rouses here in New Orleans, so she is very educated in floral design. Both Sislo and Malouse decided to team up after realizing they both had an interests in making flower crowns. As friends they make their product fun and inviting. Each crown is constructed in a delicate process.  The name MAC + LIME strived from nicknames given to the girls, Caroline : lime and McNally : Mac. So the name was catchy and is now their household name. The crowns are infused with soft but also extraneous colors. At Zeitgeist , the atmosphere was full of excitement and good people. Each crown ranged from about $20 , but there were also flower clips available for about $10. Each piece was beautiful and well made. Caroline has since taught classes on how to make the crowns at a local center in the Faubourg Marigny area of New Orleans, so she has had hands on experience with some of her customers. The girls are excited to see their small business and would love you to support this wonderful production they’ve created. The girls said they love what they are doing and can’t wait to grow. In the future they would like to share their products at more small festivals as well as small boutiques! Please comment if you have additional questions about MAC + LIME.

The question is : If I missed the event where else can I buy the crowns?

Answers : The girls have an ETSY!!!

Please support this local business , especially if you love flower crowns and if you have any questions about their small business go to their Facebook page

top photos courtesy of Caroline Malouse.


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