Must haves for SUMMER 2013 (un)

Caroline is a friend of mine and a very talented young woman who makes flower crowns. Her sense of execution when creating the crowns is what makes the process so fun. She uses a brilliant color pallet and assortment of artificial flowers. There are several DIY videos to make flower crowns on YouTube, but Caroline has managed to outshine the videos I’ve seen thus far. The key is to come up with a certain method so that each crown is consistent, once you’ve managed to do that it will be easier to perfect the crown. If you are on a budget, make sure when going to a craft store you get the right tools. I will include a list of things you can use below.  This summer be creative and make your own fun items such as the flower crown and have fun with it!! I will have a list of 10 must haves for this summer so keep checking the blog , and I will try to use people I know to be a model for all items!

Carolines flowers used include : Tulips,pansies, and spray roses!

What to do when creating an inexpensive crown:

1. A simple head band that is covered in some for of fabric, located at Walgreens, Target, or any other store that sells hair products. DO NOT USE PLASTIC. The head band will break and you will be disappointed 😦

2. Go to a craft store and buy an assortment of imitation of natural flowers, some places are cheaper than others, so don’t settle for just the first you see. One you have a distinctive color pallet , get excited because you’re almost ready to make your crown!

3. Get a hot glue gun at your local crafts store or a super market like target . A lot of people don’t want to invest in a hot glue gun because they think they will never use it , but you will! Do not use super glue, unless you are confident about having a steady hand etc. And please don’t use elmer’s it won’t work !

4. Be careful on how you place the flowers make. Make sure each flower is carefully placed and positioned so that they are balanced. If some flowers are bigger than others they are also heavier so you don’t want the crown to lean. The best solution is to put the heaviest flowers at the end of the band.

5. Once you’ve glued everything to your band let it sit for about two hours. After its set in glue any touch ups etc , and make sure your crown is steady.

6. ENJOI you crown that only took 5 steps!!

Remember all crowns vary. Caroline’s crowns are professionally done and take more time, but perhaps one day you to will be able to make such beautiful crowns!


Caroline will be hosting an event This Saturday in Nola . There will be crowns for sale :

Location: Zeitgeist Center (near cafe reconcile) 1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd

Time: 10 am – 3 pm

MAC + LIME page:

OCH art market page:



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