❀It’s Cory Time ❀

For any of you new followers, Cory Kennedy is my style icon.We both have huge eyes, weird style,and sound like 12 year old boys. Some say she is a fashion train wreck while others say her style is absolute genius. Kennedy was named the new Edie Sedgwick by Paper Magazine. While being modest stating she had not heard that, Cory will definitely go down as a rebelious fashion queen. Cory first came on to the scene, when she was only approaching 17 years of age and dating Mark Hunter (The Cobra Snake) a photographer and socialite in the LA area. Today Cory Kennedy travels around the world reporting to Nylon Magazine as well as just attending events because of her creative stature in the fashion world. Some of her best friends include Jeremy Scott , Charlotte Ronson, and Leigh Lezark (The Misshapes). The photos I included is a sneak peak of Kennedy’s new refined trend spotting this season during fashion week, as opposed to her eclectic grunge style.



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