Good Eats

I am often asked , “Do you go out to eat every night?” , the answer is sadly no, but I do eat out quite often. In the city of New Orleans , there are several restaurants opening left and right and one can always guarantee that the food will be amazing. Usually when a new restaurant opens, I will go to the opening that week and try an assortment of items on the menu, so that I can have a complete idea of how the food is prepared and the menu layout. I am a vegetarian and I am very particular about the way food is prepared as well as presented to its consumer. Vegetarians often get “the shorter end of the stick”. Often people will say , well why don’t you order a salad or something, and the vegetarian community would like to let you know we want a variety of good eats too, so hear are a view dishes I’ve tried in the last few months. enjoi

Ribs from the lovely restaurant The American Sector. Located in downtown New Orleans, The Sector is apart of the D Day Museum which a museum dedicated to the memorial of World War II. The ribs have a honey glaze poured over them and are slowly cooked. They consists of lamb not the usual pork preparation.
Cream of mushroom pasta topped with cherry tomatoes, grilled shrimp, and basil over linguini pasta. This dish is prepared at Superior Seafood, a restaurant located in uptown New Orleans on the famous St. Charles avenue.
The second dish is the classic bread pudding, very popular in the south and creme brule.
One restaurant, a small intimate setting with signature dishes. The charcoled oysters very common in the south and a tomato dish.
Fried oysters over baby spinach
Our famous shrimp poboy which can be found at New Orleans Seafood
photos copyright 2012 via taylarmaj instagram

2 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. The shrimp poboy and cream of mushroom pasta look absolutely delicious.
    You may force me to take a trip to New Orleans and sample these good eats myself, just to make sure they’re as good as you say, of course. 🙂

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