New Bad and its sooo hott


Yea so I totally went thursday for the midnight showing and had the best fucking seats for what i knew would be the cheesiest movie ever….. so there were wayy to many moments where all I could do was laugh. I mean I expected it because come on its twilight. But there wasn’t stuttering or any unintentional tumbles from Kristen Stewart. There wasn’t enough Rob Patt but I knew that was a possibility since this is New Moon and this is the only book i could read sort of.. the books are really mediocre so i didn’t waste my time to muchh.  The music was cool i thought, i liked the fact that Thom Yorke (Radiohead) was reintroduced and new comers like lykee Li. Foreshadowing was nice, I’m glad I kind of have an idea of the next half star movie . LOVE IT. oh and I’m glad little miss Dakota Fanning wasn’t in the movie that much shes soo annoying I feel . 

p.s. when the fuck is TRUE BLOOD coming back on????


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