why i love prytania theatre





rockyhorrorLet me start by saying, to read this you need rice, light up play cards,Times Picayune with Jefferson’s guilty face on the cover, rain,and party hats. All need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the colt classic of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Me and Rebecca walked from my house, what a treck ehh. We get there and who do we see, Caroline Malouse. She gives Becca a nuzzle and goes “Taylar you would be here” A day in a life of a hipster. Anyway the tickets were sold out. Lots of transexual costumes and people dressed as Magenta There were hipsters, crazys, local yuppies. All around beautiful people ya know. As everyone yelled to go in, I almost got trampled , so much for instant growth. 5ft is annoying. So the announcements start and  everyone’s wasted and reading newspapers, God Bless New Orleans. HAHA I don’t know if it was rice falling into my mouth or every time they said Janet or Brad people said SLUT ,ASSHOLE. The funniest shit I’ve been too in a long time. There must have been people there who were in the local musical production because they continuously shouted out lines. Next week is A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. I better see people there, dressed as alex. Friday and Saturday at Prytania Theatre. MIDNIGHT SHOWING. But you should probably go an hour early.


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