500 days til a good review

xp0tmu.jpgThats it, this movie was about Paul. The whole time me and Sophia thought so. And well I believe Paul agrees. I liked the movie, sort of. I mean it was very  well written, but when he met the girl at the end,  and her name was Autumn; I pretty much lost it at Canal Place. The music was good, I’m not the type to say”Oh I like The Smiths, now everyone will.” I think Zooey Deschanel is brilliant in this role as Summer. And I really enjoyed Joseph Gordon – Levitt’s character.But should everyone see it, NO. Whatever you saw in the previews is what you saw in the actual movie. The actual film, had all the right intentions and had the fulfillment of an indie film. Don’t get me wrong this is no Juno. But I still think it could have turned out alot better. They were dead on when they said “Let me tell you upfront this is not a love story”. Cause its not. Basically if you got screwed over by a guy or girl , you can relate. Especially if the relationship with you included one person who couldn’t commit.


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