Woodstock is educating

Bert, Ira, Maxine Woodstock



If your parents were true hippies they probably went to Woodstock. But lets face it, they are probably yuppies now or were bootleggers then. Michelle told me her aunt used to sit outside on the corner of Haight-Ashbury beggin for money. She was a bootlegger, and so can you. But Woodstock was educating in a sense for a revolution. Smoking herbal essence, acceptance of gays and NUDITY. If you were a suburban kid, you were probably fucked. you were probably only exposed to elton john or minnie rudolph. And shit no cell phones that sucks. Your bike could get stolen. Me and Martin just talked about that. Shit was reeeeeel deep back then. If you were cool your mom made sandwiches for the festival, the whole food thing got played real quick, and you were probably Jewish. Now everyone is talking about the festival  again. Haha there was even a “tripp tent”. What’s pathetic is that I found about Woodstock out of ignorance. One of my aunts hip friends was like YOU ARE A HIPSTER AND YOU DONT KNOW WHAT WOODSTOCK IS? And I’m like no, I guess, I didn’t receive hip daily from the 60s? Its like chill banana that was before tmaj’s time. I’m only in attendance at voodoo. Which kinda sucks right now. Lets face it, you know its true. The closest any of you are getting to Woodstock is the fly or Audubon Park. ENJOI


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